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Wait, what?

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Ok, so let me get this straight? This fat, 400 pound, piece of NDP shit wants to waste parliament's time, and taxpayer's money, to introduce a bill to limit sodium in prepackaged meals? Really?

So based on bullshit and junk science she wants to control what other people eat? She can't even control what goes into her own mouth! I mean, look at her? She is grossly obese, probably minutes from a heart attack, might even be sporting gangrene on her ankles due to diabetes, and she feels she is entitled to make decisions for other people on how they eat? Sounds typical for a leftist. Hypocrisy is part of their creed. Have another burger and a box of Twinkies, Libby. Nobody gives a shit about what you think.

She is the Member of Parliament for Vancouver East. A cesspool of junkies and other assorted human garbage. Prime upstanding supporters of the NDP! There are more safe heroin injection sites in her riding than any other place in Canada. So am I to infer that she is against salt but all for heroin? Wow! The NDP really has their priorities in order, don't they? And somehow this collection of mentally ill losers with useless degrees and no real world common sense are the official opposition in parliament. Sad.

So after reading her bullshit press release I was reminded of the story Lipidleggin'. This story helps put my views of the banning mentality of the leftist scourge into perspective for those who think the NDP is actually a good party and not a bunch of fascist scumbag statists bent on total control of those who are perfectly capable of making theuir own life decisions.

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