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Not Dead Enough

This has been a good week. First, it is the 60th anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin.
 photo stalin_zps2dbfe997.jpg
This piece of shit managed to kill up to 60 million in the Soviet Union during his reign. This number does not include those killed in other countries that were enslaved by the Soviets. He also turned eastern Europe into a huge prison when he closed off borders to the west. This ensured that for decades people there were living in poverty and suffering.

Also this week, Hugo Chavez is dead from cancer.
 photo chaveznod_zpsd9b92480.jpg
This incredible douche came to power in a rigged election and began seizing everything he could to consolidate his control. He nationalized private businesses, farms, and the oil industry at gunpoint and then proceeded to run them all into the ground. Here is a photo of a Venezuelan soldier in a supermarket after Chavez had it nationalized.
 photo soldier_zps7c1c8bc7.jpg
Chavez also strong armed his opposition. He used thugs to beat and intimidate journalists, politicians, and citizens who he felt were a threat to his power. On top of that, he kept political hostilities going with Colombia to whip up nationalist fervor and get his people behind him and to distract them from the crappy economy and lower standards of living.

Venezuela now produces far less than it did before. Their agriculture barely exports any food because it just produces enough to feed Venezuela. The oil industry is producing less than half of what it did before Chavez because he refused to reinvest in the business. Instead, he squandered that money on useless social programs to keep his people on welfare and dependant on him. And while Venezuela slowly decays, Chavez managed to fill his pockets with $2 billion and his associates stole another $98 billion from the country. But what really makes me scratch my head in amazement is that the vice president of that country is now claiming that the US caused Chavez's cancer! Wow.

The only thing that would make this week any better for the death of socialism is if Fidel Castro and Obama were to die before the weekend. That would be trluy legend-wait for it-dary!

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