Cobalt545 (666_cobalt) wrote,

PM Harper Shooting With The Canadian Rangers

 photo li-harper-rifle-rtx12s2m_zpsfe323c5a.jpg

I get a strong feeling that neither Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau would ever go out and get some range time in the arctic. Not unless there were some muslims there along with trannies, union thugs, abortion advocates, eco-terrorists, and heroin junkies. Y'know, the usual leftist-supporting human garbage that survive off of the tax payer. Oh, and Trudeau would also need a hair stylist on site in case his feminine head of hair gets any gun powder residue on it. Ya never know when he'll need an emergency shampoo and gel replacement. Yup, I can't see any of the leaders of the leftist parties doing anything manly since it would offend their highly feminized supporters. However, I do believe that Mulcair and Trudeau would be very useful at holding up the targets for the shooters. Preferably over their chests.

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